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Full-Race’s EcoBoost F-150 Bolt-on turbos flow an additional +15 lb/min airflow to support up to 150 flywheel HP.  These are purpose built, stock-appearing and stock-location upgrade turbos. Each turbo is hand built and high speed balanced by BorgWarner – the OE supplier to Ford. This is truly a bolt-on upgrade designed with long term OE-reliability in mind. Stock tunes can be utilized with all stock components. Wastegate actuators are pre-calibrated for easy installation. For maximum results a custom tune is recommended.  Nobody can visually tell these are not OEM without completely disassembling the turbo. For maximum gains, a custom calibration from an experienced tuner is recommended.


2011-2012 turbos have an integrated BOV on the compressor housing. 2013-2015+ turbos require an external BOV (we recommend using a mechanical BOV). you can swap turbos between the years if you understand how to properly configure your BOV setup.


F150 Bolt On Twin Turbo Upgrade

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