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This short block is specifically designed for those who are looking for a quality, budget friendly short block and running a stock to full bolt-on modified 3.5L Ecoboost engine. Our customers who purchase this engine want a basic yet reliable and better-than-stock performance short block. The Ford 3.5L Ecoboost engines have some common failure points at stock to elevated power levels, specifically the pistons are fragile and prone to failure, leading to catastrophic engine damage.  We have many examples of this where, following a piston failure, the loose connecting rod fractures the cylinder block, destroying the entire shortblock and rendering it unusable. 


The RMB Stage 1 (Gen 1) short block includes upgraded forged pistons and rods, as well as tri-metal performance main and rod bearings, which replace the OEM components. All RMB Stage 1 Short Blocks start with brand new OEM Ford 3.5L 92.50mm blocks. The block is measured and assembled using a brand-new OEM Ford 3.5L Gen2 2017+ Ford Raptor Crankshaft (stronger than the Gen 1 crankshaft), which is then paired with King main bearings and King XP rod bearings throughout. RMB spec forged 92.75mm JE Pistons are specified and installed, along with Callies Compstar H-Beam forged rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts. Finishing off the short block, new OEM 6 bolt mains and new OEM main caps are included. The block is torque plate honed and align honed and the entire assembly is meticulously balanced and blueprinted before finally assembly.  

RMB (Gen 1)  Stage 1 Short Block has a power output rating of 700RWHP. 


Stage 1 Short Block Includes:

Cylinder Block - Brand new Ford OEM bare block with a 92.50mm Stock Bore

Pistons - RMB-JE 92.75mm FSR Forged Pistons

Custom Ring Set- Included our custom ring set, and is the same ring set as found in all our short blocks, and long block assemblies. 

Wrist Pins-  9310 Alloy, .210" wall Wrist-Pins

Offset Wrist Pin Bores- Provide quiet starts, and reduce piston slap while reducing loads and additional wear and scuffing on the major thrust surfaces in each cylinder.  This is extremely helpful on newer late model builds where a slopping build will trigger those very sensitive knock sensors.  We do not want that, so we address the issue, with a specific offset 

Cir-Clips- Included

Dry Film Coatins- Anti-Scuff coating applied to all piston skirts.  

Connecting Rods - Compstar H-Beams with ARP 2000 Rod Bolts

Rod / Main Bearings -  King XP Bearings

Crankshaft - New Ford Gen2 Raptor Forged 2017+ Crankshaft

Main Bolts - New OEM 6 Bolt Mains.  Specific torque wrench equipment is used for final torque steps on TTY bolts.  We can confirm exacting final values across all fasteners, and indicate where, and if one requires attention. 


All main housing bors are aligned honed and oil clearances set.

Deck surface is deburred, and milled.  While a new OEM factory block is OK, however a performance short block, should use a very different set of standards than a factory OEM block is build to.  CBN / PCV cutters are used for our milling and surfacing, while our new equipment, continuously provide a surface finish exceeding the specifications required for the Final Surface Finish.  


• Compression Ratio: 10.0:1 STD Compression Ratio with STD .040" thickness head gasket


RMB Motor Works Stage 1 (Gen 2) Short Block

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