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The 2019 F-150 RTR

You’re aware, I’m sure, of the Ford Mustang RTR—a Mustang with a dealer-installed upgrade kit that can make a good 700 horsepower. Now RTR is at it again, but this time it’s beefing up the Ford F-150.

The package will be available on all F-150 trim levels except for the Raptor, according to an emailed press release. Mods include a Fox coilover and shock package and a performance cat-back sport exhaust.

Custom, 20-inch off-road wheels are also included, wearing Nitto Ridge Grapplers. These are tires are made for scaling puny hills such as Everest and I am confident in their abilities.

From the outside, RTR gives me a whole lot of black trim, which I have been conditioned to believe is the color of trim that means business. There’s a new upper grille, LED lighting, more aggressive fender flares that the company shamelessly claims are for “[catching] the rocks and mud RTR expects its owners to toss in the air,” a fat front skid plate and some unique graphics.

It does not appear that there are any power upgrades (beyond the exhaust, I guess).

If you are ready to upgrade the looks of your F150 then I must say this could be a good option, but there is nothing out there that compares to a RMB Motorworks built block with brand new upgraded turbos and a shiny new oil pan! Under the hood is first, looks second at least that is my opinion.

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