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Gen1 2011-2016 F150 ENGINE UPGRADES

The mid-cycle refresh of the F-150 in 2011 added EcoBoost to the menu of engine options. If you’ve got boost under the hood of your F-150, we’ve got the upgrades to increase the output of your EcoBoost engine! From Total custom RMB motor rebuilds to basic bolt-on parts like intakes and exhausts specific for your F-150s performance. Step up the boost pressure with a stock replace Full-Race bolt-on turbo upgrade by BorgWarner. Aiming for even more output? You’ll want the Full-Race Freak-O-Boost twin BorgWarner EFR Turbo Kit. If you’re pushing your F-150 to the limit, be sure to manage the heat with a radiator upgrade and a transmission cooler.


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