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10.0:1 CR stock compression pistons with with auto fit skirt coating at no coast. Not a typical 3-4 micron thick about .0008 each skirt designed to run quiet and the life of the pistons and build. These pistons utilize every feature one can elect and is the premium piston set on the market having material gas ports, they are 5 axis 3D under crown milled to match weight and also be lighter than a stick piston while being able to handle and be rated in the mid to upper 1000 HP capabilities by default. Their DI dish, dome, and shape with deeper valve reliefs allow these pistons to give you confidense of a forged side relief piston (aka FSR forging) while behaving the way a stock e gone runs but without breaking and 150,000-250,000 miles is not

Unheard of with the custom rings used and upgraded 9310 pins. Quiet offset pins allow cold start piston slap found on many forged pistons to be 100% non existent while providing added strength utilizing less load on major thrust side of cylinders, keeping them able to weigh less, have pin bosses closer to the center of piston using a 2-1/4” long pin not a 2-1/2 round skirt that is old tech.

Causes distortion and skirt wear which is a think of the past. For us, our shelf stock pistons had to meet a pretty hefty criteria. Some other very large design considerations were critical to us that are specific to this platform. Notably, much thought went into the ring package we supply. Other more obvious features such as ring lands, final weight, offset of pin dimension, skirt contour, etc.. played a large roll as well. Premium 9310 wrist-pins are used by design and are a .210” wall thickness and 2.250” long. Leaving no stone unturned, we are extremely happy with the outcome.


Pistons now all include at no cost our Branded RMB Skirt coating called perfect skirt at no charge. This is not just some cheao breakin dry film costing. It is the latest in skirt coating technology and it is included.


We also now included lateral gas ports to prevent issues with blow by and some ring flutter. Now the pressure causing the whta we consider very harmful attributes caused by high cylinder pressure and crankscase pressure. Not only do the gas ports allow the pressure if there is any under boost or low RPM high Torque, to make you some more power rather than hurt your piston trings. The pressure now gets behind the top ring in the groove machined flat for the ring and the top ring is now forced out to better seal against the cylinder walls.


This is a very popular piston and it can handle a ton of power in mid to high 1000's with only weighing in at under oem weight. These are strong pistons and the ring package is out of this world being designed to to perform and get you few hundred thousand miles if tuned and calibrated by someone we reocmmend.

Custom Gen 1 RMB Pistons & Rings Package

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