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10.0:1 CR or 10.5:1 CR  with our RMB and  jepistons new perfect skirt coating using tooling JE had made us specific for these pistons and our logo. This coating is not just a thin typical skirt coating. It makes up about a thou. It’s phenomenal. These pistons utilize a 5 axis 3D crown milled dome, a forged side relief piston shape (aka FSR forging) providing added strength, less weight, less distortion under high load and cylinder pressure, shorter pin, stronger skirt, proper skirt design on major and minor thrust surfaces of cylinders, and the list goes on. For us, our shelf stock pistons had to meet a pretty hefty criteria. Some other very large design considerations were critical to us that are specific to this platform. 
Notably, much thought went into the ring package we supply. Other more obvious features such as ring lands, final weight, offset of pin dimension, skirt contour, etc.. played a large roll as well. Premium 9310 wrist-pins are used by design and are a .210” wall thickness and 2.250” long. Leaving no stone unturned, we are extremely happy with the outcome.


Pistons are currently in stock by due to recent changes in avai;ability of specific aftermaket 100% custom engineered items, our invetory can go fast!

Custom Gen 2 RMB Pistons & Rings Package

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