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CALL US FOR DETAILS: There are many years that have gone into the refinding of this short as well as our long blocks; This short block is specifically designed for those who are looking for a quality, and performance all rolled up into one.  Our best selling short block bar none.  An outstanding choice in short block for those who are running full bolt-on modified 3.5L Ecoboost engines, while still being able to handle high boost, and more power as such from the addition of a Full Race Twin EFR Turbo Kit. 

Our customers who purchase this engine want a well rounded performance built short block that can handle some serious power, and adress concerns with the OE open deck cylinder block. This engine can not only handle power, but it can do so reliably, as well as offering no change to any daily driving duties.

The RMB Stage 2 short block further addresses common issues with the OEM open deck cylinder block design.  With elevated cylinder pressure and high boost levels, stabilizing the cylinder bores is something that will not only provide a more stable and strong block, but will help with piston scuffing due to strengthening the block and preventing movement.  


Zero increase in engine temps with hundreds of thousands of miles of track and daily driving duties, and towing.  

We have many examples of this where, following a piston failure, the loose connecting rod fractures the cylinder block, destroying the entire shortblock and rendering it unusable. 
The RMB Stage 2 (Gen 2) short block includes upgraded forged pistons and rods, as well as tri-metal performance main and rod bearings, which replace the OEM components. All RMB Stage 2 Short Blocks start with brand new OEM Ford 3.5L 92.50mm blocks. The block is measured and assembled using a brand-new OEM Ford 3.5L Gen2 2017+ Ford Raptor Crankshaft (stronger than the Gen 1 crankshaft), which is then paired with King main bearings and King XP rod bearings throughout. RMB spec forged 92.75mm JE Pistons are specified and installed, along with Callies Compstar H-Beam forged rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts. Finishing off the short block, new OEM 6 bolt mains and new OEM main caps are included. The block is torque plate honed and align honed and the entire assembly is meticulously balanced before finally assembly.  
RMB (Gen 2)  Stage 2 Short Block has a power output rating of 1000RWHP. 
Stage 2 Short Block Includes:
• Cylinder Block - Brand new Ford OEM bare block with a 92.50mm Stock Bore
• Pistons - RMB-JE 92.75mm FSR Forged Pistons, Custom Ringset, .210" Steel Pins, Clips, (Coated Skirts and Offset Wrist Pins)
• Connecting Rods - Callies Compstar H-Beams with ARP 2000 Rod Bolts
• Rod / Main Bearings -  King XP Bearings
• Crankshaft - New Ford Gen2 Raptor Forged  2017+ Crankshaft
• Main Bolts - Standard OEM 6 Bolt Mains 
• ALL RMB Motor Works short blocks are torque plate honed, align honed, and balanced.
• Compression Ratio: 10.0:1 STD Compression Ratio with STD .040" thickness head gasket

RMB Motor Works Stage 2 (Gen 2) Short Block

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